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Overseas direct marketing

With our direct approach and strong network toward local travel agencies, we know the voice and the true needs of foreign visitors. That is why we can design the best promotion program for our clients. You are most welcomed if you want to conduct research or surveying for your business.
Inquiry⇒Quotation⇒Operations⇒Presentation of the report after operations
Language available

English/Chinese(simplified or traditional)/Korean

Applicable Regions

China,Taiwan,Hong Kong,Thailand,Indonesia,Vietnam,Malaysia,Singapore, etc.

JTCI⇒Local Travel Agencies

Making request for local travel agencies after sorting out suitable regions.

Our clients⇒JTCI

Tell us what you need regarding the support of local travel agencies.

Local Travel Agencies⇒JTCI

Submitting the report to JTCI after surveying and sampling, etc.

JTCI⇒Our clients

Making request for local travel agencies after we re-confirm our client's needs

Leaflets/pamphlet services

  • Free papers, leaflets, or pamphlet displayed or distributed through travel agencies.
  • Distribution spots for leaflets and other advertisement goods are available.
  • We will send you a detailed quatation regarding distribution period, inquiries, translation, and production.

Sampling and questionnair through travel agencies

  • We will distribute your sample or questionairs to those who visit Japan through our network of travel agencies.
  • We may also enclose the leaflets or samples of your shops.
  • We can conduct sampling or questionnair targeting customers of travel agencies.

Individual appointment making, organization of briefing sessions.

  • One to one business meeting = Individual appointment making.
  • Organization of briefing sessions by inviting a number of companies instead of one to one business meeting.
  • Targeting and negotiation with relevant companies.
    (In this case, we follow up the sellection of invited guests for briefing sessions or targeting.)